About Us


Specializes in the construction of unique agriculture and agro industrial projects in developing countries. Collaborates with local populations, engaging them in provincial agricultural operations and projects by creating job opportunities during the projects.

The company is an A to Z leading integration company with the capacity to adjust itself to the conditions in each country.

The company manages diverse farming and livestock projects impacting the lives of millions, and is committed to providing people with new opportunities.


Our vision is to be a leader in the conception and implementation of agricultural projects, with a focus on the establishment of agricultural farms, livestock & cattle farms.


Feeding, Humanity, Sustaining, Livelihoods is to support small to medium scale farmers with business facilitation and local value chain development whilst at the same time ensuring household food sufficiency & Economic Development.

Client Says

Excellent farming and well-organized farm with good fodder management! It's a good place to gain knowledge of rearing goats, sheeps and cattle. Apart from goat and sheep, they are also involved in dairy products. The owner is very kind and cool. He patiently answers all your questions and gives good suggestions.

Shawn Michael

We were looking for livestock Farming consultant. We came across Divine Farms just in right time. They visited the farm and inspected it in detail. They discussed with us and suggested us to go for livestock. It was a good experience working with Divine Farms. Thank you so much.

Rashed Ka.

One of the finest livestock many breeds of goats and sheeps. Well-vaccinated and neatly maintained animals, a very good opportunity for the retailer's. They are selling sheep's at a reasonable price. Buy and enjoy delicious quality dairy products. Best model farm to visit.

Mahfuz Riad